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An Ignorant Nation will be


to Protect its Own Freedom.



June 9, 2017

Fellow Australians,

This advises that the first video in the new OzUnited Educational Program series is now ready for viewing.

The link to the video is below, at the end of this e-mail.

It is an overview of what I can prove is the only way that Australia might - repeat, might - be able to avoid the social disaster towards which we are currently self-servingly, selfishly, happily, laughing, 'having fun' rushing towards.

I can only hope that every Australian - especially our politicians - will pay close attention.

In fact, I BEG people to pay close attention …. for Australia’s sake.

A person will only will pay close attention if he or she genuinely loves Australia and does not want to see our wonderful way of life destroyed and lost forever.

Knowledge is linear. This program consists of a series of 'chapters' presented via video.

Properly understanding each chapter will often be dependant on having watched and learned from an earlier chapter.

This program will present facts, knowledge and understandings that almost all Australians - including almost all, if not all, politicians - do not know or currently cannot 'visualise' or imaine.

Without the knowledge of those facts, Australia's increasing problems will NEVER be overcome and our nation WILL self-destruct.

I hereby lay a  moral imperative upon EVERY Australian who claims to 'love Australia'.

Knowing about this program and being unwilling to pay close attention will PROVE that their claim is dishonest.

Being unwilling to strongly encourage every other Australian they know to watch and learn from this program will PROVE they do NOT  'love’ Australia as they claim.

Although one video per week per week is intended, circumstances will dictate how regularly I can publish a new video 'chapter' in this series.

Nobody who is genuine in their claim to 'love Australia' is so busy that they cannot devote 5 to 20 minutes per week to what these videos will prove is THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBJECT of our times.

I repeat: there is only ONE WAY that Australians have any chance of protecting and saving all that was good about Australia.

This video series will prove it.

This first video introduces you to – and provides an overview of -  that one and only way.

Ironically, viewing it and then casually dismissing or ignoring what is presented will ....

........ prove me to have been correct!

If you are genuinely concerned about Australia's future, please pay close attention to every video in this series........

Watch the video at:

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